gabriele herzog


drawings - reelnice/huddle ipad app
animated drawings - reelnice/all new huddle
version2 - exhibition at flaxon ptootch
the chairs book
wall drawings - google hq london/penson group 
the sketchbook project 2012 - brooklyn ny
the bloody chamber/angela carter - folio 2012
tate britain/david tremlett - artist assistant
somerset house/david tremlett - artist assistant
finsbury square/david tremlett - artist assistant
one hundred left handed chair drawings - a film
memory - a game
who - collage
panna cotta - the bookery cook
another book - flowers
more spoons - cut out
the sketchbook project 2011 - brooklyn ny
the outsider/albert camus - folio 2011
control - film poster
t shirts  - paul smith commission
version - exhibition at medcalf
the secret history - book cover
a to z - two self published books  
the seven ravens - storybook on a string
shirts, a poem by jean arp - book
the jumper-book
masks - cover exhibition
dress left behind...
from head to toe - exhibition
cutlery/a family
five round things
ten coffees
everything that goes up...

pictures - collected views

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all rights reserved 2012

books launched with Curate40 at Pulse London 2010 - books being sold at 'Frank' in Whitstable Kent -

a to z - two self published books: "ant beetle and cricket find all the letters of the alphabet" - a story book for children - 14.5 x 21.6cm with 36 pages - and - "a to z" an a to z of thoughts and things, for any age - 72 pages (both books are hand stiched/bound - hard back)

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